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Our journey started in Oct, 2015 with over 150 fitness lovers.Unlike other fitness gyms we provide personal trainer at an unmatched cost. We understand the value of your money and time along with your fitness.Our priority is your fitness and we provide best training exercises and ways to use equipment.

When you join gym, it is not just about equipment. The more you get drawn into the training culture, the more you become invested in the results; healthy living starts to creep into every facet of your lifestyle. We provide you the diet chart so you know what to eat, counting the calories and refusing the junk foods as you know you have to focus on your fitness.


Wake up and Workout.





An experienced trainer with great skills. Has been in business for over eight years now. With additional expertise in yoga and aerobics, Ashu is the founder and COO of The Temple Gym. Having said that he never sits back in the corner, instead is always available to train the fitness lovers.



Another experienced one from the Manchester city of India, Ludhiana. David, has been a trainer for The Royal Gym Ludhiana for two years and now is a part of The Temple Gym. An experience from north Indian Gym is a great benefit as David has trained the fitness freaks in Punjab too.



Getting Here:

Our Gym is near Shashtri Chowk, beside Galaxia Mall

Our Address:

Shashtri Chowk, Ratu Road

Ranchi- 834005


+91 8709840006


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